Can I Get NDIS Funding for Wheel Covers?

If you are self managed or plan managed we would love to help you with your NDIS funding and can send you an invoice for this purpose so that you can claim it once you purchase.  Our products are classed as 'Assistive Technology Accessories', described as finger or spoke guards.  Your support coordinator, plan manager or wheelchair supplier/distributor can discuss this with you.


How Do I Measure For the Correct Size?

Using a measuring tape, you need to measure across the diameter of the wheel, between hand rails.  Measure from inside the hand rail on one side, to inside the hand rail on the other, as shown on the diagram.  Most manual wheelchair sizes will be between 40 and 50cm.  If yours is custom size, or you have power hubs, please contact us so that we can make a custom order for you. 

Please note: we do NOT use the entire wheel measurement in inches to create your products, you MUST measure exactly as the diagram below shows from rail to rail, inside, and in cm. 



How Do the Wheel Covers Fix on to the Wheel?

On the reverse side of each wheel cover are velcro straps.  You will need to undo them, put them around the spokes and press them firmly together. 


What are the Wheel Covers Made Of?

We are extremely proud to have sourced a 100% Australian made material that is 50% recycled kerbside rubbish.  The material is sustainable, Green Tag Certified, carbon neutral and fully recyclable. 


Are the Wheel Covers Water Resistant?

Absolutely they are!  The material as detailed above is lightweight, extremely strong and will handle wet weather. 


What if I Have My Own Design?

We welcome custom design orders, using the 'Custom Design' listing in the store.  The design must be shared separately to us at hello@colourmywheels.com.au in a high quality print ready PDF.  You must also own the design or have permission to use it if it is licensed or belongs to someone else.