Gabby aka @theadelaidehipster with 'Organic Plaid' wheel cover spoke guards

'I absolutely love my Colour My Wheels wheel covers. I am a huge fan of dopamine dressing so I jumped at the chance to accessorise my wheelchair as bright as the rest of my fit!

They are made of sturdy plastic which makes them super light. Really easy to attach wheels with Velcro straps and most importantly they come in a heap of different colours! I started with a bright plaid by Art by Bronwyn but I’m sure these won’t be my last pair! Love love love!'


Tim from WCMX Adaptive Skate with custom wheel covers spoke guards

'Such an awesome product by someone who’s in it for the right reason deserves recognition!

Your product is honestly a gamechanger.  Wheelchairs are an extension of our bodies so to be able to personalise is truly awesome.

Thank you again for sharing your idea with the world and making it a more colourful place. 😊'  Tim


Alyce in a hot pink wheelchair with Scream and Shout Wheel Covers designed by Bronwyn David

I was absolutely thrilled to receive my wheel covers from Colour My Wheels! They are even more vibrant and magnificent in real life and are the perfect addition to my pink wheelchair!

 The covers are very easy to use. They are lightweight, flexible and easy to attach to the wheelchair. The accessibility aspect has definitely been thought about. The velcro makes it so simple to attach to my wheelchair. It was only a few minutes and they were on my chair and looking amazing. I appreciated the option for the custom sizing because my chair has power assist and so needed a large cut out in the centre. 

 Traditionally mobility aids have been sterile and boring so to be able to have a bright and fun cover to pop over the wheels is amazing! I can put them on like a handbag to finish off an outfit. I choose Scream and Shout because it has all the bright colours that match my clothing and it gives me so much confidence to know my wheelchair now adds to my outfit, not takes away from it. I absolutely love them! People in the street have been stopping me to comment, they certainly catch people's eye! Finally our wheelchairs can be as fabulous as we are! Thank you, Colour My Wheels! ALYCE